Wooden Jerusalem Sacred Heart Rosary RTR

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Rosary type: Jerusalem Sacred Heart Rosary.

Beads: Handmade wooden beads: hand painted light sea coral green round beads, large round smooth natural wooden varnished beads, burnt deep orange beads with burnt textured circle patterns. 

Bead caps: Vintage copper flower bead caps.

Center piece: Beautiful picture in burnt oranges and sea greens of our Sacred Heart of Jesus with a white background, placed on an oval alloy silver center piece.

Crucifix:  Antique red bronze old look beautiful Jerusalem crucifix with flared ends in a Fleurs de Lis pattern. The letter INRI inscribed above Jesus' head. On the back of the cross the words JERUSALEM are embossed. 

Size Details:


6 x 12 mm round smooth natural wooden beads

27 x 8 mm round sea coral green wooden beads 

26 x 10 mm round burnt orange wooden beads

Bead Caps:

54 x vintage copper petal shaped small bead caps

64 x vintage copper petal shaped medium bead caps 

12 x large copper petal shaped large bead caps

Chains and links:

Vintage silver chain

Vintage brass links


Sacred Heart of Jesus oval metal center piece

2.3 cm long, 1.7 cm wide and 3 mm in thickness


Red Bronze Jerusalem Crucifix

4 cm long, 2.5 cm wide and 4 mm thick

Rosary length: 

58 cm


30 grams