Holy Family: Vintage Green Glass Bronze Gold Rosary Bracelet

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Rosary type: Loretta Holy Family Vintage Rosary Bracelet.

Beads: Two-toned peridot and olivine greens, round cracked glass beads. Handmade textured brass Indian Puff metal beads, with etched crisscross pattern. Gold and yellow transparent handmade glass seed beads.

Bead caps: None.

Center piece: Holy Family small oval vintage, beautiful clear colour picture (painting) set in sliver oval tag. 

Crucifix:  Antique gold Loretta Crucifix with beautiful flared filigree Fleurs de Lis ends and the back has a filigree dot type pattern on the back.

Note: a Fleury cross adds to its design, the Fleur de Lis shape (flower of the lily). As Catholics we associate the lily with the Virgin Mary and its flowery three petal symbols is also interpreted as the Holy Trinity. 

Size Details:


6 x 10mm round handmade Indian puff metal brass bead with 3-4mm tubed ends

53 x 8 mm round two-toned green cracked glass beads 

60 x 4 handmade glass seed beds in golds and yellows

Bead Caps:


Chains and links:


flexible silver memory wire


Holy Family oval

1.5 cm long, 1 cm wide and 2mm thick 


Loretta antique gold

4.5 cm long, 2 cm wide and 2 mm width

Rosary length: 

4 coils of adjustable silver memory wire


50 grams