Praying Madonna St Benedict Purple Cascading Roses RHL

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Rosary type: St Benedict and Praying Madonna Heirloom Vintage Rosary.

Beads: Purple plum metal full rose beads, with 3 layers of 9 beautifully shaped petals placed on vintage brass, 3 and 6 leafed solid bead caps.  Round smooth handmade Indian brass beads. Handmade smooth delicate lilac glass seed beads. Handmade smooth round white ceramic beads with hand painted delicate bouquet of lilac flowers. 

Bead caps: Vintage brass with beautiful 3 and 6 leaf etched bead caps.

Center piece: The large center piece is a vintage bronze Praying Madonna with a Crown of 12 Stars. Our Lady's robe is beautifully detailed on both the front and back.

Crucifix:  The gorgeous traditional St Benedict Crucifix antique gold with a weathered old feel look. It has a detailed St Benedict round coin medallion imbedded in the front and back of the cross.

Size Details:


6 x 17 mm vintage metal handmade rose beads

53 x 10 mm round smooth white ceramic beads with lilac flowers 

106 x 2 mm  lilac glass seed beads

106 x 4 mm vintage brass beads

Bead Caps:

12 x vintage brass etched leaf bead caps

Chains and links:

Vintage brass chain

Vintage brass links


Praying Madonna with a Crown of 12 Stars

3.5 cm length x  2 cm width


Beautiful weathered antique gold doubled sided St Benedict Crucifix  

4 cm long x 2.5 cm wide and 2 mm thick  

Rosary length: 

90 cm


94 grams