St Benedict pink glass Heirloom Rosary RHL

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Rosary type: St Benedict Glass Rosary.

Beads: Smooth, round, pink carnation handmade Indian glass beads. The hand painted and shimmer pink is a two toned light and darker pink with a dark glass center. Handmade Lamp-work glass beads with baby pink and white, sky blue and white petaled flowers, with fern green leaves inside a smooth oval clear glass bead. 

Note the lamp-work glass beads are individually handmade and sizes and shapes from more oval to more round will be found.

Bead caps: None.

Center piece: Antique gold aged small St Benedict round center piece. Front has a detailed cross and writing and the back depicts St Benedict. 

Crucifix:  Antiqued aged gold round and one sided beautifully ornate filigree crucifix with INRI inscribed above Jesus's head, with an ornate elongated heart. the other 3 ends have a shorted ornate heart with a Coptic cross styled pointed ends.

Size Details:


6 x +- 14 mm rounded smooth lamp-work flower glass beads 

53 x 10 mm round smooth pink glass beads

Bead Caps:


Chains and links: 

gold and antique gold


Round St Benedict

12 mm in size.


Antique gold crucifix 

4 cm long, 2.5 cm wide and 3 mm width

Rosary length: 

62 cm


100 grams