Miraculous Medallion: Glass Heirloom Rosary RHL

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Rosary type: Miraculous Medallion Heirloom Glass Rosary.

Beads: Beautiful smooth oval cracked glass beads. Rosaline shimmer pink bi-cone acrylic beads.

Bead caps: Vintage silver petal cone shaped full bead caps.

Center piece:  Beautifully detailed, oval Miraculous Medal, silver oxidized center piece, made in Italy. It is also referred to as the Medal of the Immacula (Immaculate - "conceived without sin").

Front: Mary, Our Mother is depicted beautifully in 3D, with details of her robe and her open hands. The rays from Mary's hands, symbolize the graces she sheds on those of us who ask for them. Mary, Our Mother stands with her arms out wide, symbolizing the recourse we have in her. On the front oval frame the words; "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee" are inscribed. These words are from St Catherine's vision in 1830, this date is also inscribed on the globe Mary is standing on. The globe symbolizes her Assumption into heaven. Mary is also crushing a serpent beneath her feat symbolizing our protection.

On the back of the center piece, the large letter "M" is embossed and symbolizes Mary as Mother and Mediatrix. A cross and bar symbolizing Jesus' Cross of Redemption which interleaves the large "M" reminding us of Our Mother Mary's close connection to Jesus and  her role as Mediatrix. The 12 stars dispersed around the perimeter, signify the 12 apostles. Below the "M" are two hearts. The heart on the left with a crown of thorns, represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who died for our sins. The right heart has a sword piecing through it, this represents the Immaculate Heath of Mary who intercedes for sinners. You will also notice there are flames around each of the hearts, this symbolizes both the burning love that Jesus and Mary have for all people.

Note: This beautiful Medal of the Immaculate Conception was created by St. Catherine Laboure, following a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We as Catholics, believe that it brings us special intercessions on behalf of the Blessed Virgin Mary if worn with faith and devotion at the hour of death. The Miraculous Medal or Medaille miraculeuse in France or the Medal of Our Lady of Graces is a devotional medal for Catholics. St Catherine of Laboure had her visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rue du Bac in Paris, France and the medal was originally made by a goldsmith by the name of Adrien Vachette. 

Crucifix:  Large silver/black ornate filigree cross with Fleurs de Lis borders. Beautiful ornate swirls and ends that lead to round silver balls.

Size Details:


6 x 16 mm bi-cone smooth pink acrylic beads

53 x 10x14 mm oval smooth cracked glass beads 

Bead Caps:

12 x vintage silver flower bead caps

Chains and links:

Silver chain and links


Oval Miraculous Medal silver oxidized round center piece made in Italy.

2.5 cm in length, 1.8 cm width and 3 mm thick.


Ornate silver black filigree cross 

6.5 cm long, 4.3 cm wide and 3 mm thick

Rosary length: 

82 cm


128 grams