Pope Francis Sacred Heart of Jesus / Immaculate Heart of Mary glass Rosary

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beautiful one-of-a-kind black and glass Catholic Rosary


Beautiful handmade black and translucent glass beaded Rosary with a Pope Francis Crucifix and  beautiful Sacred Heart of Jesus / Immaculate Heart of Mary Center Piece.



53 x 8 mm smooth round  transparent glass beads                                                              6 x 8 mm smooth round,  black glass beads

Chains and links: sliver  

Center-piece: Sacred Heart of Jesus / Immaculate Heart of Mary Center Piece with beautifully detailed and nickel plated. 2.5cm long

Crucifix: Pope Francis Crucifix – 2.3cm  Italy this authentic cross pendant worn by Pope Francis

Rosary length:  63 cm

Weight: 50 grams


Pope Francis himself wears this particular 10cm in height designed cross. This is the copyrighted original official version of Pope Francis’s pectoral cross, authorized by the artist – Antonio Vedele – who created the actual cross pendant currently worn by Pope Francis. Beautifully detailed and Made in Italy, these die cast Papa Francesco crosses are silver oxidized for richness and depth by Italy’s finest craftsmen.

Also known as the Papa Francisco cross or Papa Francesco cross, it depicts Christ the Good Shepherd carrying the lost sheep on his shoulders, with the flock in the background. At the top is the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. Cross measures 2.3cm in height.

There are many imitations, however this is the official copyrighted cross approved by the original artist! The artist’s signature is incorporated into the cross.