St Michael Catholic wooden Rosary with 4D Papal Crucifix

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Overview: Beautiful natural shades of wooden beads St Michael Rosary with 4D Papal Crucifix.

Details:  53 Smooth ellipsoid shaped 3 tones of natural wooden Hail Mary beads. 6 smooth ellipsoid shaped black wooden Our Father beads,

Chains and links: silver

Center-piece: Beautiful double sided colour image of Arc Angel St Michael in hues of blues, golds, creams and browns.

Crucifix: Papal crucifix – a replica of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI’s staff. Size 3.2cmx2.2xm. (Italian Papal Crucifix Pendant of Pope Saint John Paul II). see notes.

Rosary Length: 60cm    Rosary weight:  19g

 Note: There is a long history behind the famous broken papal cross usually associated with John Paul II who always carried it.  It was Paul VI who commissioned it from Italian sculptor Lello Scorzelli in 1963 and used it for the first time December 8, 1965, at the official closing of the Second Vatican Council. This cross dates back much further to Belgian artist Albert Servaes (1883-1966). In 1919, Servaes made 14 charcoal drawings on white paper depicting the stations of the Via Crucis for the monastery chapel of Luithagen. The skeleton figures he sketched, especially the emaciated figure of Christ on the Cross in the 12th station – are pervaded by a dark despair. The contorted figures are supposed to express extreme pain, and in one sense the artist was successful: It is certainly painful for the viewer to see them. 

Rosary Length: 60cm  Rosary weight: 19g


Medjugorje Crucifix: Mary stands on a wooden base with a three times repeated inscription “Mir, Mir, Mir” , which in the Croatian language means “Peace, Peace, Peace”. These words have now over the years become an icon of the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje. The same words appeared up in the sky on August 6, 1981, this was noticed by lots of people.

 “Medjugorje” literally means “between mountains” because the town is situated between two hills: Križevac and Podbrdo (which will likely be called “Apparition Hill”). The parish of Medjugorje was founded in 1892 under the protection of St. James, the protector of pilgrims.