Catholic Praying Madonna "Jobs Tears" Rosary

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Rosary type: Praying Madonna Jerusalem Holy Communion Metal Cord Rosary.

Beads: Smooth round handmade olive green ceramic beads with dotted sienna pattern. Smooth "Jobs Tears" seed beads also known as River Beads, Zulu Beads, Zulu Teething Beads, African Fertility Beads in hand dyed in a mix of violet and lilac. Small round handmade wooden deep violet beads and small handmade vintage brass metal Indian beads.

Note the seed beads made by Mother nature will vary in size. 

Bead caps: Vintage brass full petal shaped caps. Small brass tulip shaped caps.

Center piece: The large center piece is a vintage bronze Praying Madonna with a Crown of 12 Stars. Our Lady's robe is beautifully detailed on both the front and back.

Crucifix/cross:  Beautifully detailed antique gold Holy Communion Symbols Cross, shaped in a square, with flared out pointed ends. Detailed filigree textured symbols with a vine and a bunch of grapes depicted at the bottom of the cross, at the top of the cross, a field of wheat is depicted. On one of the side ends, a fish and on the opposite side is a loaf of bread, in the center of the cross is a beautiful chalice. The back of the cross is hollowed out with a neat outlined thick boarder around the cross.

Size Details:  3.5 cm x 2.5 cm


6 x 10 mm olive green ceramic beads

39 x 4 mm vintage bronze metal Indian beads

53 x 6-8 mm violet-lilac hand dyed seed beads "Jobs tears"

49 x 4 mm deep violet handmade wooden beads 

Bead Caps:

12 x vintage brass petal shaped bead caps

20 x vintage brass tulip shaped bead caps

Chains and links:

metal cord

Vintage brass links


Praying Madonna with a Crown of 12 Stars

3.5 cm length x  2 cm width


Communion antique gold cross

3.5 cm long (including all-in-one solid link), 2.7 cm wide and 4 mm thickness

Rosary length: 

70 cm


52 g