Catholic Rose Red Glass St Benedict Pocket Rosary

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Rosary type: St Benedict Vintage Pocket Rosary.

Beads: Deep emerald green handmade cracked glass beads. Ornate vintage brass filigree heart metal doubled sided bead.

Bead caps: None.

Center piece: Vintage ornate brass filigree heart, with a 5 petaled center flower and ornate borders. Double sided.

Crucifix/cross:  Antique gold St Benedict square cross with beautiful detailed old look, detailed doubled sided St Benedict Medallion with a cross in the front and St Benedict depicted on the back.

Note: The overall cross shape is similar to that of the Cross of Cuthbert of Celtic origin (St Cuthbert: major shrine in the  Durham Cathedral, County Durham and his Saint's Feast day is 4th September for Catholics)

Size Details:


10 x 10 mm round smooth emerald cracked glass beads

1 x 14x12 mm heart shaped brass metal bead 

Bead Caps:


Chains and links:

Gold chain

Gold links


Ornate heart shaped brass metal bead 

14mm long, 12 mm wide and 5mm thick


Vintage gold St Benedict square cross

2.3 cm long, 1.8 mm wide and 4 mm thick

Rosary length: 

13.5 cm


19 grams