Dog Mug printed designs of small breds

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Water colour paintings of your beloved and energetic terrier breeds, toy and other small breed pups printed onto white dishwasher proof mugs.

Browse through the mugs and select the one that looks closest to your pup.

Small terrier breds, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Bichon Frisé, Pomeranian, Boston Terrier, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dachshund, Pug, Havanese, Miniature Pinscher, Silky Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Miniature Schnauzer, Pekingese, Beagle, Lhasa Apso, Border Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Basenji, Wire Fox Terrier, Miniature Poodle, Japanese Chin, Cairn Terrier,West Highland White Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Alaskan Klee Kai, English Cocker Spaniel, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Affenpinscher, Sheltie, Papillon, Shiba Inu, Brussels Griffon, French Bulldog, Australian Terrier, Bolognese, Rat Terrier, Chinese Crested Dog, Schipperke, Whippet, American Eskimo Dog, Toy Poodle, Toy Fox Terrier, Pumi, Norwich Terrier, Biewer Terrier, Bolonka, Yorkipoo, Smooth Fox Terrier