St Benedict Red and White Wooden Finger Rosary RFN

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Beautiful handmade red and white wooden St Benedict 


Beautifully handmade Finger Rosary made with small round handmade wooden beads painted white, handmade hand painted red small wooden beads. Large white handmade wooden bead center. Red enameled St Benedict doubled sided textured antique silver cross



10 x 6 mm round handmade wooden beads, hand painted in a white matt finish  

16 x 4 mm round small wooden handmade beads painted in a rose red matt finish 

4 x 6 mm round handmade wooden beads, hand painted in a rose red matt finish

Bead Caps:


Chains and links:

Nylon Rosary cord and silver links


1 x 10 mm white round handmade wooden bead hand painted white matt


Beautifully detailed vintage silver double sided elegant Square St Benedict Cross. Inner cross is a round doubled sided St Benedict medallion. The outer cross is an red enameled inlay. Imported from Italy

2 cm long x 2 cm wide (square) and 3 mm thick.  Weathered antique look doubled sided 

Rosary length: 

10 cm


5 g