St Benedict: Blue Glass and Silver Pocket Rosary

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Overview: Beautiful one of kind royal blue glass, ceramic and silver Rosary

Details: Royal blue cracked glass beads, white ceramic white bead with a bouquet of hand painted blue flowers, small round filigree silver beads, silver oval tubular beads, small ornate antique silver saucer beads. Filigree heart-shaped silver pendant, round coin shaped St Benedict medal center piece.  


10 x 10 mm handmade round cracked glass royal blue glass beads

12 x 8x6 mm antique silver ornate saucer round metal beads

2 x 5 mm  antique silver filigree metal beads

6 x 5x8 mm silver oval tubular beads

Chains and links: 

Antique silver links and crimp beads 

jewelry twine


Antique silver St Benedict Medallion with cross on the front and St Benedict on the back in clear details. 

18 mm round and 1 mm in depth


Antique silver heart cross, with ornate delicate double border 

2.2 cm length, 2 cm width, 4 mm in depth

Pocket Rosary length: 

29 cm


28 grams