Serengeti Clasp Bracelet

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Type: Handmade clasp bracelets

Overview:  Mixed glass, brass, ceramic, wood, gold metal and stone beads

Main colour theme:  Amber charcoal, dark natural wood, mixed greens, brass, earthy cream

Materials used: Smooth oval, amber charcoal, handmade Indian glass beads. Handmade cracked glass, round smooth light emerald green beads. Mixed large and small handmade Indian brass metal beads. Oval gold wire beads. Handmade painted and carved Tribal wooden beads. Smooth rounded saucer shaped, earthy cream coloured stone beads. Handmade green ceramic, round smooth bead with dark and light shades of burgundy rose painted flowers, etched with gold and fern green painted foliage.

No of Strands:   1 

Weight: 27g

Wrist size/Length: 21cm 

Unique one-of-a-kind bracelet