Psychedelic Berry Blast MWB

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Type: Handmade bracelets

Overview:    handmade wooden beads, African Fertility seed beads, cracked glass beads and acyclic beads

Main colour theme: Earth tones browns, brass, bronzes, creams, white

Materials used: 

Round and disc handmade Kalahari sands wooden beads, blue/grey toned African Fertility seed beads. Purple fuchsia cracked glass beads. White acrylic seed beads and wait for it..........Psychedelic Berry Blast in shades of lilac, pink and purple.

Memory wire to create the 1 and 3/4 strands.

No of Strands:  sort of 2

Weight: 19 g

Wrist size/Length: adjustable memory wire coils

Unique one-of-a-kind bracelet