Catholic Vintage Grecian Bohemian African Heirloom Rosary

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Beautiful one of a kind turquoise Immaculate Heart of Mary Rosary, a stunning vintage silver ornate cross


Beautiful one of a kind turquoise Immaculate Heart of Mary Rosary  coupled with a stunning vintage silver ornate cross using turquoise handmade ceramic beads with black speckles and neural coloured African fertility. 



6 x 15 mm round, large Grecian turquoise, black specked handmade and hand shaped ceramic beads. Note each bead was individually made sizes may vary adding to its uniqueness.

53 x 10 mm tear drop/ seed shaped, African fertility beads (also known as Jobs Tears, Zulu River bead and Zulu Teething beads - check out my blog on Jobs Tears beads) in neutral colours. 

Chains and links:

Black metal /silver colour chain, black colour links


Beautifully detailed 'squared shaped' Divine Mercy M Center Piece from Italy. On the front is Jesus in a detailed robe and detailed ornate border around Him. On the back depicts the words  'Jesus I Trust In You' surrounded by a beautifully detailed border.      2.6 cm in length and 2.3 cm in width.


Very striking and beautiful large ornate filigree antique doubled sided silver cross.   6.5 cm long and 5.0 cm wide and 1.5 mm thick.  

Rosary length:  78 cm

Weight: 68 grams