Our Lady: Blue Glass White Flower-ball Rosary RTR

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Beautiful handmade blue tumbled bottle glass and glass flower ball bead Rosary


Beautifully handmade sky and sea blue Rosary made with small round handmade tumbled sea blue bottle beads and large round clear glass ball beads with an arty sky blue and white flower pattern imbedded inside.  

Beautifully detailed Mary Crown on the front with Jesus Risen center piece, with clear facial features of Mary and Jesus. The image of our Blessed Mother has a crown of 12 stars, creating the crown. The center piece is silver oxidized and made in Italy.

This beautifully detailed crucifix features the Crown of Thorns in the center of the cross. The Corpus and cross were made separately and attached in a second phase, making this crucifix extremely detailed and realistic. This silver oxidized Crucifix has INRI engraved on it and made in Italy. 



6 x 18 mm round smooth glass beads with imbedded bead of sky blue and white flower

53 x 8 mm round smooth sea blue tumbled bottle glass beads 

Bead Caps:


Chains and links:

silver chain

silver links


silver center piece, silver oxidized and made in Italy

2.4 cm length x 2 cm width  


Crown of Thorns Crucifix is also silver oxidized and made in Italy

5.2 cm long x 3.3 cm wide and 8 mm thick.   

Rosary length: 

63 cm


80 grams