Molly's Kitchen

Our Mother and grandmother Molly Bing was very well known down the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal for her exceptional culinary skills in particular her pickles and chutneys.  On the farm, our mother would bake an array of homemade bread, cheese, and her famous preserves and pickles.

Coming home from school, a magical aroma would waft out from the house down the dirt road as we approached our gate. We would be treated to yummy freshly baked farm biscuits, to a delicious stew, using all her own grown vegetables and herbs.

Our mom Molly, always hoped that one day we would follow in her footsteps, and make use of her tried and tested recipes, and of course, our Mom's secrete recipes, which will remain our family secret, passed down through granddaughter to greatgranddaughter. Paging through her yellowed paper recipe books from 1965 where our Mom started her first 'Molly's Kitchen'. Reading through all her handwritten notes are a tribute to her legacy and extraordinary culinary skills.

Mom and Gran we hope to make you proud and we know you will guide us from heaven.

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