Why handcrafted items cost more

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Handcrafted items often cost more than mass-produced ones for several reasons:
1. Labour Intensity: Handcrafting requires skilled artisans to invest significant time, money and effort in creating each item individually. This labour-intensive process can drive up the cost. The wear and tear on our eyes, hands and fingers must also be considered.
2. Skill and Expertise: As skilled artisans we will often command higher wages due to our expertise, which contributes to the higher cost of handcrafted items. Thousands of hours of labour, trial and error has gone into producing the end product you now hold in your hands.
3. Unique and Customized: Handcrafted items are usually unique or customizable, tailored to specific customer preferences. This personalized approach can increase production time and costs. One must also consider if the product is a one-of-a-kind item, this in itself hold precious value to pass on to the next generation.
4. Quality and Attention to Detail: Handcrafted items are often associated with higher quality and attention to detail. We artisans take great care in ensuring each piece meets our standards, which can result in a higher price tag. It is important to remember that each piece used to compete the product, has been individually selected by hand, under the watchful eye of the artisan. Great care and many hours was exerised to produce treasured these pieces.
5. Limited Production: Handcrafted items are typically produced in smaller quantities compared to mass-produced goods. The economies of scale that lower production costs for mass production do not apply to handcrafted items.
6. Materials: Some handcrafted items use premium materials, which can be more expensive. Additionally, we artisans might source materials locally or sustainably, contributing to the higher cost. In addition some of us have actually produced the items they needed for the end product. For example I make many of my own beads used in my jewelry and Rosaries. 
7. Artistic Value: Many handcrafted items are considered works of art, and their pricing may reflect not just the materials and labour but also the artistic value and craftsmanship.
Overall, the cost of handcrafted items reflects the combination of our skilled labour, our close attention to detail, customization, and quality that goes into our creation. It's been a labour of love and passion, of joy and calluses on fingers and hands. We leave pieces of our thoughts, our lives and souls in each product. Please don't ask us for a discount or freebies. We know the value of our craft and trade. Remember we are the little guy working in the corner of a room or tiny studio, not a large mass production factory. 
Kim Williams 
The Village Artist 


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